Get tough on vigilantism in schools

It is without question that the man who allegedly slapped a nine-year-old boy in front of his teacher and classmates for allegedly bullying his daughter has committed an offence by assaulting a defenceless minor in full view of a class and witnessed by the teacher.

Furthermore, the man committed the offence while trespassing on the school's premises.

If the man who slapped teen blogger Amos Yee was jailed for three weeks ("3 weeks' jail for man who slapped Amos Yee"; May 12), tough action must also be taken against this parent.

Schools must ensure that their premises are a safe place for our children, and the authorities must prevent overzealous parents and caregivers from taking things into their own hands.

A clear message must be sent that any form of violence or vigilantism in schools is not tolerated.

Roger Low Puay Hwa