Get information on status of buses right

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) seems to have sacrificed accuracy for clarity with the new arrival boards for bus stops ("New e-paper arrival boards for bus stops"; Jan 20).

There should doubtless be feedback by now as to the accuracy of the information panel.

Very often, the display panels are still flashing "Arr" (for arrive) indicators next to the bus numbers, when these buses have already left the bus stop minutes ago.

Commuters who have just arrived at the bus stops are often misled into thinking that the buses will be arriving when that is not the case.

The panel should be displaying the timing of the next bus once the buses have left their stops.

Besides the wrong display, the arrival timings are often inaccurate and there are also times when the screen just goes blank.

The focus must be on providing accurate information first, before trying to improve the aesthetics of the panel.

Dennis Tan Seow Koon