Free parking: What about army camps?

It is interesting that the Ministry of Education is looking into whether public schools should charge staff for parking spaces in school compounds ("MOE reviewing free school parking"; Jan 8), but the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) is not looking into whether army camps should charge staff for parking in military camps and compounds.

This is a pertinent question, as most, if not all, military camps and compounds under the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) allow staff and visitors to park for free, even though all public service organisations charge parking fees at their offices.

In so doing, aren't Mindef and the SAF also providing army officers and other staff with "hidden subsidies" for vehicle parking?

Given that the Auditor-General's Office has already flagged this as a cause for concern, Mindef and the SAF should also launch a review and look into whether military camps and compounds should charge staff and visitors for parking spaces on precious and limited state land.

Dennis Chan Hoi Yim