Founding fathers set bar high for future leaders

In building a strong core of leaders, we should draw inspiration from our founding fathers, who crafted a city-state from nothing, despite many obstacles and naysayers.

It is all about making the right choices, which will certainly have a bearing on the next 50 years of our existence as a nation, if not beyond.

The pioneers, in achieving what they did, set the bar very high.

For them, there was no wandering from the chosen path of statehood and being able to fend for the people.

It is now up to a new generation to carry on their good work. Therein lies the challenge - a whole new set of them.

We, as the electorate, have to see what those who would lead us have planned, and support them as best we can. With that, the work to make our nation even better can begin in earnest.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that there still remains much to be done, amid the uncertainties that will always be there.

However, there is no denying that the first generation of leaders have done the hard bit, and with their spirits in our hearts, we should be able to succeed as they did.

As we add to this foundation, what is at stake is not just the legacy they have left behind, but our very own survival.

A very selective process is thus required, one that will not upset the vibrant rhythm established at the very heart of our nation.

What must be encouraged even further is that constant drive to succeed. There must be no abatement, if we are to rejoice about our achievements once again 50 years from now.

Manoraj Rajathurai