Foster better running etiquette

Singaporeans are spoilt for choice when it comes to participating in racing events. There are races for all shapes and sizes, different kinds of causes, running objectives, and all year round.

However, what is interesting is the universal lack of race etiquette and respect for fellow runners.

The basic rules are:

- elite runners will begin at the front of the flag-off point

- runners will then line up according to their respective timing categories

- walkers are welcome but they must start at the back of the pack.

However, many walkers or slow runners insist on congesting races, even at notable events such as the Standard Chartered Marathon.

Race organisers could promote better race etiquette by including a runner's expected completion time as part of race registration.

This can help discipline runners to line up at their respective timing categories. This will make for a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Chu Pei Ling (Ms)