Forging one Singaporean identity

Forging a cohesive national identity is something the Government should continue to work on.

Based on a recent survey on race issues ("Singaporeans respect all races, but racism still an issue: Survey"; Aug 20), there appears to be gaps that may be among the root causes that still divide us, and which, if eradicated, can foster a Singaporean mindset.

One example is how our NRIC has segregated classifications under "race": Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasians and Others. If we are Singaporeans, why do we need such classifications? Our NRIC should specify only "Singaporean" and remove race. The NRIC number is good enough to verify ethnicity for any statistical purposes.

It is vital that we start by identifying from the outset that we are all Singaporeans, and a good start is to remove the race classification from our NRIC.

Having separate self-help support groups by race is another unnecessary segregation.

Why do we need to have separate organisations to help ethnic communities and not just one group for all Singaporeans?

Let's change the concept of identification by segregating ethnicity and race.

We are all Singaporeans, regardless of race and religion. This is where the Government can improve to bring everyone together under a common identity.

I am a Singaporean before I am an Indian, and I take pride in being a Singaporean first.

Kumar Pillay Thangavalu