Food-stall operators must ensure utensils are properly cleaned

As more people are eating out these days, and Singapore is being touted as a food haven internationally, it is to be expected that all eating establishments here should observe the best practices in all aspects of food hygiene.

The recent National Environment Agency (NEA) enforcement action against numerous eateries reinforces the need for consistent NEA inspection and training of food-stall operators to ensure food safety ("Hygiene lapses by food operators on the rise"; Dec 24).

One area that needs closer inspection as well is manual utensil washing.

Utensils not adequately cleaned and sanitised can increase the potential for food contamination and food-borne illnesses.

Sometimes, one can see used plates, cups, forks and spoons not being thoroughly rinsed to clean them of food residue or detergent, or thoroughly dried before they are reused to serve food.

Ultimately, to achieve a high standard of food hygiene all round, food-stall operators have to believe that food hygiene cannot be overemphasised.

Jolly Wee