Food bought online should have proper nutritional labels

I cannot agree more with Mr Colin Ong Tau Shien, who called for information on the nutritional value of food purchased online to be made available (Online grocery stores must provide foods' nutritional value; June 28).

He said this was necessary with the growing popularity of e-commerce.

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) can kick-start this process by making it mandatory for food manufacturers to provide nutritional information labels on the packaging.

Currently, the guidelines in the HPB's handbook on nutritional labelling does not require small packaging, with a total surface area of less than 100 sq cm, to display a nutritional information panel.

Yet, I have noticed instances when a relatively large container came without the nutritional value label.

It is time to revise the food labelling procedure on the nutritional value of foods so that consumers can make an informed choice on a purchase, whether when shopping online or at a supermarket.

Chin Kee Thou