Fly the flag for National Day

If the symbolic display of flying the national flag outside our homes during the National Day period is any measure of nationalism then we probably have failed miserably and sadly.

In my neighbourhood, there are only a handful of flags on display at every HDB block.

This is sad and disappointing. The symbolic act of putting the national flag is so simple yet meaningful, but there are just not enough Singaporeans doing it. The situation is similar in private housing estates as well.

There was a time when we used to see cars with the national flag stuck on. That, too, is not to be seen.

Let us do our part and show that we love and are proud of this country.

Let us all put in an effort to show how strong and united we can be by displaying the national flags outside our homes and our cars.

Let us show the world that we are "one people, one nation and one Singapore".

Tony Lim Thiam Poh