First World Parliament demands First World electorate

Jeering Dr Ng Eng Hen during his speech at the nomination centre is not respectful or desirable behaviour coming from supporters of the opposition ("Ng Eng Hen unfazed by jeers"; Sept 2).

Whether the candidates are from opposition parties or the ruling party, we must bear in mind that they are sons and daughters of Singapore bravely standing up to be vetted and scrutinised by voters, in the hope of being elected to serve as the constituency's representative and Member of Parliament.

These contesting candidates, if elected, will guide Singapore towards SG100. They deserve respect and should be treated with respect by voters.

If we aspire to have a First World Parliament, we must demand that we, Singaporeans, be a First World electorate.

Let us show the world that we are one people, one nation and one Singapore. Let us not be divided into various colours, like in Thailand or Malaysia, for example.

Whatever colours the voters support, these colours are contesting to represent only two colours - red and white.

May the 2015 General Election be a peaceful, civilised and successful campaign, bringing us a democratically elected, competent and clean government to lead Singapore.

Liew Eng Leng