Find different way to create lift access

The report on July 15 ("Solutions on trial for HDB blocks unsuited for lift upgrading") raised many questions.

I live with my family in Towner Road, where three 11-storey blocks of maisonette flats are still awaiting lifts on every floor.

While it is encouraging that the Ministry of National Development is looking into new technology for lifts, I am discouraged to note that they may be suitable for only low-rise buildings, not our 11-storey blocks.

I do not discount the benefits of technology, but if there are problems with regard to the lift shaft, shouldn't the HDB look at alternative ways of building to bring lift access to the units, for example, making a new corridor platform to link the existing lifts?

HDB's solution to help those in urgent need of direct lift access is, at best, a stop-gap approach. Residents may lapse into poor health or lose their mobility suddenly. Moving to a new home takes time and does not solve their immediate needs.

Teng Ken Cheong