Fibre connection delay: StarHub replies

We thank Mr Chiang Joon Wing for his feedback ("Telco's 'solution' to problem leaves consumer at a disadvantage"; Forum Online, Sept 10).

NetLink Trust, formerly known as OpenNet, is the network company that builds the nationwide fibre broadband network.

Retail service providers (RSPs), such as StarHub, provide service to customers, once NetLink Trust has provisioned the fibre to the customers' home.

On Sept 1, Mr Chiang signed up for our HomeHub package that consists of four StarHub services, including fibre broadband.

We were then notified by NetLink Trust that a "network termination issue" was affecting its fibre provisioning for Mr Chiang's home.

As an interim solution, we offered him a free 100Mbps cable broadband service until his fibre connection was ready.

StarHub is the only RSP that can offer customers affected by such delays, temporary Internet access through a high-speed cable broadband service.

We have since contacted Mr Chiang to arrange for service installation, after receiving a follow-up notification from NetLink Trust on Sept 15, stating that the issue in question has been resolved.

We thank Mr Chiang for his patience and understanding.

Philemon Foo

Senior Executive

Corporate Communications