FairPrice offers best value for basket of daily essentials

We refer to Mr Sam Yeow's letter (NTUC has lost sight of original purpose; Oct 5) and would like to clarify some misconceptions.

Listing fee is a standard practice by all retailers. FairPrice sets it at a very competitive rate comparable to the industry or even lower and it is a one-off fee, not a recurring one.

Some products are exempted from this charge, such as selected fresh and chilled items.

To help local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) reduce their business costs, our SME supplier support and development programme provides discounts for listing fees and reduced payment terms.

When comparing prices, shoppers should consider factors such as consistent availability, the product's country of origin, expiry dates as well as food safety standards that the retailer practises.

Also, it is a common promotion strategy for some retailers to offer certain products as "loss-leaders" to attract customers.

FairPrice is a primary food safety partner with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore and has attained ISO 22000 certification - an international standard on food quality.

Comparing a basket of daily essential products, FairPrice consistently offers the best value - making them easily available and accessible in our efforts to moderate the cost of living.

To help customers stretch their dollar, we have various initiatives such as senior and pioneer discounts, and members also benefit from LinkPoints, rebates and dividends.

Last year, we gave out $6.9 million in discounts to seniors and Pioneer Generation members, and Link cardholders received over $29 million worth of LinkPoints, while members received more than $72 million in patronage rebates and dividends.

Part of every dollar spent at FairPrice goes back to the community to help various charitable causes.

About $10 million was donated to the FairPrice Foundation to benefit the community last year.

We assure customers that FairPrice is here to make lives better and remains committed to our social objective.

Tng Ah Yiam

Deputy CEO, Head of Products

NTUC FairPrice

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