Fair that members' rights to facilities guarded

Those who champion for a change in rules to allow maids to use the facilities in private clubs and condos are confusing the issue. Their empathy and sympathy are misplaced.

I agree with Mr Cheng Choon Fei that this is not a case of discrimination against maids (Barring maids at private clubs an issue of exclusivity; Dec 3).

Facilities at clubs and condos are shared by members or residents, a majority of whom employ maids, some even two.

Such facilities have limited equipment and availability.

It is inconsiderate of these employers to freely allow their maids the use of shared facilities.

With maids indiscriminately added to the pool of users, some members or residents may be displaced from their legitimate right to the use of those facilities.

Is this logical?

If such employers have strong bonds with their maids, by all means, they should share whatever they like with them in their own homes.

To encroach on the rights of fellow club members or condo residents in terms of shared facilities is an act of disrespect.

Lim Siat Foong (Ms)