Facing the future with confidence

Much effort is being expended worldwide to ordain what the future holds for each of us.

While the solutions are as complex as the problems of increasing competition brought on by globalisation, demographics that do not favour high growth prospects and low interest rates that lead to lower returns on invested capital, getting the basic things right often produces the best outcomes.

One of the keys to an entrepreneurial spirit and the resulting growth that leads to lifting living standards universally is the innate curiosity shared by all.

The interest in making all things better, all the time, is the essence of good business and social practice.

Bringing out and encouraging this creative spirit requires individual confidence and the tenacity that comes from nurturing parents and a caring community, as well as a supportive business fraternity.

Paramount to this endeavour is the fact that the main function of good leadership is to provide confidence in a future that envisions a society that provides for everyone, regardless of ethnic, religious or social background.

Recognising failure as well as success is the measure of a caring and understanding society.

Singapore's education system, political stability, relative security, geographical location and trustworthy brand put the nation in an enviable position as the world moves into a real-time data-processing, evaluation and decision-making environment.

The success of the Singapore Olympic team and Joseph Schooling's gold medal are good examples of what we can do if we put our minds to it.

David Grant