Extending Downtown Line will better serve residents

We hope the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will indeed build an additional station at the end of Downtown Line 2, near Stagmont Ring ("Extend Downtown Line as a backup" by Mr Jayasri Priyalal; July 23).

It is disappointing that this was not planned for in the first place.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to do so.

The population density of Yew Tee and Pang Sua, with a total of 62,500 residents, is much higher than the other residential estates served by Downtown Line 2.

It is reasonable that a single station be built to serve this compact and dense residential community.

In contrast, six stations (Tan Kah Kee to Cashew) have been built to serve a resident population of 74,900 in sprawling and dispersed estates.

Besides this, the additional station will ensure optimal use of Downtown Line 2, as the level of car ownership is very much lower in Yew Tee and Pang Sua than in most estates served by the line.

Yew Tee and Pang Sua residents are very likely to fully utilise Downtown Line 2 if easy access is available, reducing the commuting time to the Central Business District or to schools along the line.

Building an additional station will also reduce the load on existing lines.

Choa Chu Kang MRT station and Jurong East Interchange are already facing heavy commuter volume.

By 2017, 9,461 and 7,933 new HDB flats and executive condominium apartments will be completed in Choa Chu Kang and Bukit Batok respectively. The impending increase of 60,880 residents living in communities served by the East-West Line will further load the already overloaded line.

Adding a station to the upcoming Downtown Line will redirect some commuter traffic and prevent overloading.

Furthermore, an MRT track that leads to the vicinity of Yew Tee and Pang Sua has already been built. Hence, the additional cost of another station should not be prohibitive. Given today's technological advancement, any technical issues are surely not insurmountable.

Therefore, we appeal that a Downtown Line station be built in the vicinity of Stagmont Ring to serve the residents of Yew Tee, Pang Sua and some subzones of Choa Chu Kang.

Lye Wai Peng (Madam)

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