Extend smoking ban to less crowded areas

I applaud the extension of the smoking ban to ensure fewer public places become smoking grounds ("Smoking ban to extend to reservoirs, parks"; April 13).

This minimises the chances of non-smokers breathing in harmful second-hand smoke.

While the ban takes effect in populated areas, less frequented areas should not be left out either.

When I was at a columbarium last weekend, I found a few smokers at crowded areas. Though it is uncommon to see so many people at the columbarium at the same time, smoking should still be banned at all times.

Some may say that there is already a huge amount of burning from incense paper, so having a few puffs will not matter much.

However, the burning of tar, nicotine and other chemicals is different from the burning of incense paper. Both increase the amount of pollutants in the air, but one is more harmful to health than the other.

Hence, I hope to see the ban extended to places that are less frequented by people because ultimately, the aim of the smoking ban is to put an end to smoking in all public areas.

Jong Ching Yee (Miss)