Extend smoke-free zone scheme to Sembawang

I applaud the pilot project launched in Nee Soon South to set up smoking points and create smoke-free zones in communal areas ("Nee Soon South estate to get 50 smoking points"; Jan 23, and "Orchard ramps up fight against smoking"; Jan 9).

It is a well thought-out initiative on the part of the authorities to protect the health of the public against the deleterious effects of inhaling second-hand smoke.

Although there is some hesitancy and resistance on the part of smokers in Nee Soon South, I believe that over time, they will gradually acquiesce in utilising the smoking "sheds".

I hope this programme will be introduced in Sembawang, particularly at communal areas beside Sun Plaza and Sembawang bus interchange.

Smokers often puff away while sitting on the benches at the outdoor area behind the mall.

This toxic cigarette smoke inevitably wafts to the bus interchange, bringing discomfort to those waiting for their rides.

Large organisations should also support this programme by contributing financially towards the building of smoking sheds.

Teo Kok Seah