Extend Note7 phone swop deadline for buyers who are overseas

Some buyers of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, such as myself, reside overseas ("Consider more options for Note7 phone swop" by Mr Amit Nagpal; Sept 13, and "Samsung opens more time slots for Note7 swop"; Sept 12).

Samsung has set a deadline of Oct 2 for the exchange of the phone, which has the problem of a fire-prone battery.

But the earliest I can be back in Singapore will be December. I have written to Samsung to ask for an extension of the deadline, but have received no reply.

I was prepared to send my phone back to Singapore by courier service for the exchange, and incur hefty charges of more than $200.

However, with many airlines banning the phone on board, I doubt courier companies will agree to fly my phone back to Singapore.

Samsung has said that the exchange can be done overseas. However, the phone models are different in different countries. For example, in Britain, the model there does not support dual SIM cards.

I hope Samsung can extend the phone exchange deadline for overseas buyers, or allow a refund.

Tony Yong Hon Ming