Extend maid levy concession for families with special-needs kids

It is really encouraging to see the Government helping adults with disabilities by having more day activity centres ("Day centre in Clementi for adults with autism"; Jan 8).

Besides this, the Government also helped when it reduced the maid levy for families with children below 16 in last year's Budget.

This move was especially helpful for families who have children with disabilities, such as autism.

This is because a lot of time, energy, effort and money is needed when there is a child with autism in the family.

Even as these children grow older, the efforts may not be reduced.

While there are more day centres for adults with autism, the current system lacks plans for when children with autism graduate from school. It is really tough on these families to juggle care for them when they graduate from school.

The Government may want to consider extending the foreign domestic worker levy concession for these families till the child turns 18.

Ivan Goh Sian Lung