Extend library opening hours

Term tests and examinations are coming.

With the many distractions at home, students have been spending most of their time studying in places like libraries, fast-food chains and cafes.

Students who study at the 24-hour Starbucks or McDonald's outlets usually get chased out by staff, who tell us that studying is not allowed.

The environment at these outlets is also not conducive.

A public library would be a better place to study.

However, libraries close at 9pm.

For secondary school students, by the time they finish their co-curricular activities (CCAs) at 6.30pm, have dinner and go to the library, they have only about an hour left to study before the library closes.

Polytechnic students usually finish their CCAs at 10pm, which means they have no chance to use the libraries.

I suggest that libraries extend operating hours to midnight.

Better still, libraries could set aside an area that is open 24 hours a day for studying purposes.

Such a study area would definitely benefit students and give them a nice and quiet environment to revise.

Tan yingQi (Miss)