Explanation needed for lost parcels

Singapore Post lost two of my registered parcels that were sent out on Nov 15.

Through a lot of effort and persistence, I later found that at every stage of the delivery process, staff were careless and made mistakes.

First, the person who took the photos of the parcels for the registered mail notification slip did not take clear shots of the addressee's name or the address. The address was instead written at the side of the notification slip but no addressee name was included.

Second, the postman dropped the notification in the wrong mailbox, and delivered it to a house that was located more than two streets away from mine.

Third, the officer at the post office wrongly gave my parcels to the person who went to collect them with the wrongly delivered notification slip.

It would appear that the officer did not check the person's identity against the address written on the notification slip, and carelessly gave the parcels away. No identity card number or signature appeared to have been collected from the person who came for the parcels.

After a lot of hassle and persistence, since this was not the first time SingPost had lost my parcels, I managed to recover my parcels from the person they were wrongly given to.

As the national postal service, SingPost needs to be held accountable. Not only should it provide full disclosure of its investigation, it should also show how it would rectify each error to provide assurance to its customers that such a mistake would not occur again.

Jessica Gao Peirong (Miss)