Examine why people ignore safety protocol

Of late, there have been incidents of standard safety regulations not being adhered to, resulting in death.

In the 2012 case involving Private Dominique Sarron Lee, six smoke grenades were used, instead of the prescribed maximum of two. Pte Lee died after being exposed to zinc chloride in the smoke grenades.

In a more recent case, failure to follow a key safety procedure resulted in two SMRT staff being fatally hit by a train ("Safety lapse in track accident, says SMRT"; March 24).

I urge the Government to set up a committee to review all safety measures in all statutory boards, the civil service, and any organisation where the work is dangerous and can cost lives.

We should never live with the notion that everything should remain status quo until lives are lost.

In reviewing safety measures, one very important factor that must be looked into is why the people in charge do not follow safety protocol.

No matter how perfect a safety protocol can be, it becomes useless when it is not followed diligently.

Shirley Woon (Madam)