Everyone has role to play in Clean Plate Campaign

Many Singaporeans have their meals at hawker centres, so the recent extension of the Clean Plate Campaign to these eating places is the right move (Clean Plate Campaign's next target: Hawker centres; Aug 16).

This campaign, about not wasting food, has been going on in schools for the past six years and it is time to take it beyond these institutions.

There is no doubt the campaign will succeed, but it will need the cooperation of the food stall operators, as well.

Stall operators should not give more food than they think the customers need.

Customers, too, should just order the amount of food they need.

While our schools might be doing a good job inculcating mindful eating habits in the younger generation, the home environment plays an equally crucial role.

Parents should be doing more to teach their children not to waste food.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng