Everyone has part to play in shared bikes' survivability

oBike has exited the shared-bicycle market and the public is now closely watching the survivability of the remaining companies.

Perhaps now is a good time to pause, reflect and put in place some extra measures to address the problems that have been raised about shared bikes, one of which is indiscriminate parking.

As with cars and motorbikes, which have designated parking spots, the same could be done for these bikes.

Prominent and clear signs direct motorists to where they can legally park their vehicles.

Prominent signage could also be put up to direct shared-bike riders to designated bike-parking spots.

This can be incorporated into our existing road signage infrastructure and, just like how drivers of vehicles are easily able to locate carparks for their vehicles, shared-bike users should be able to do the same.

These bike parks should also be incorporated into Google maps and the street directory. There should also be campaigns to create awareness on proper bike parking and usage.

Hopefully, these will result in fewer problems related to shared bikes.

Everyone's mindset and habits will have to change if we want to see the shared-bike scheme work.

Clara Chua Sieo Peng (Ms)