Everyone has a part to play in making libraries conducive

We thank Ms Catherine Tai Siew Leng for sharing her feedback on our libraries' environment ("Ensure libraries are quiet for the enjoyment of all"; Forum Online, Oct 30).

Our public libraries are community spaces meant for all.

We take every effort to maintain a conducive reading environment, including regular broadcasting messages advising patrons on good library etiquette.

Given the high usage from different age groups, an enjoyable library experience can happen only through the joint partnership and responsibility of our patrons.

This includes patrons being considerate of one another's needs, as Ms Tai has mentioned.

More educational posters on library etiquette will be put up. Our staff will also step up and patrol the library more regularly, especially during peak periods and school holidays.

We thank Ms Tai for her continued support of our libraries.

Catherine Lau (Ms)

Assistant Chief Executive

Public Library Services

National Library Board