Even trained pets may soil carrier and smell

The decision on whether or not to allow pets on board public transport is one that should not be rushed into (Allow small pets on board public transport, by Mr David Kwok Ng Kan; Forum Online, June 23).

While these domestic animals may be trained, there is no guarantee they would not soil the carrier when they are being moved around.

Their waste may spill out of their cage and into the bus or train, leaving an unpleasant smell that other commuters have to put up with.

Then there are commuters who are just fearful of animals.

We need to move slowly if we are going to look at allowing pets on board public transport.

Look around the HDB neighbourhood. The animal poo in many areas is proof that many pet owners still need education on how they should manage their pets.

Finally, we should not distract public transport operators from their security and safety duties by saddling them with additional tasks such as checking or inspecting containers and cages of commuters for pets.

Philip Sim Ah Tee