Error on ticket was why fan could not get into stadium

We apologise to Mr Abdul Raub Din and his family for the inconvenience experienced at the Sultan of Selangor's Cup 2017 football match at the National Stadium on May 6 (Why sell photocopied tickets to football match?; May 11).

The reason Mr Abdul and his family had difficulty entering the stadium was probably an error in the gate number printed on the tickets.

While Gate 15 was printed on the tickets issued at the post office, they were coded for entry at another gate. As a result, when Mr Abdul went to Gate 15, he was directed to the Ticket Resolution Counter at Gate 18, where he was re-issued tickets with the correct gate number printed.

To provide customers with greater flexibility, the ticketing agent, Sports Hub Tix, partners SingPost to offer more ticketing locations for bookings made online.

Tickets issued at post offices are printed on plain paper, and are accepted for entry, in the same way as tickets issued at the Ticket Resolution Counter, which are thermal printed on card.

The photocopying of one of the tickets at the post office arose from a printer misfeed that led to the ticket being printed on a non-blank sheet of paper.

A reprint of the ticket would have required authorisation, and so to avoid further delay, the post office staff photocopied the ticket information onto a fresh sheet of paper.

That photocopied ticket would have been accepted for entry, had the gate number been correct.

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused.

Bryan Lee

Assistant Vice-President

Group Communications