ERP an effective way to ease congestion

The recent increase in Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates at two gantries on the north-bound Central Expressway (CTE) is a necessary measure to combat the frequent traffic congestion there ("ERP rates to go up at CTE, fall at MCE"; July 26).

It could potentially ease the current congestion by pricing out drivers who are not willing to pay the higher ERP charges.

This increase was coupled with a decrease in ERP charges on the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), and could be a measure by the Land Transport Authority to encourage drivers to travel via the relatively new MCE, instead of crowding the CTE.

Similar traffic conditions in other parts of Singapore can be improved by increasing ERP charges.

For instance, current price levels have failed to deter most drivers from using popular roads; this has led to congestion in areas such as Orchard Road and the Central Business District.

Therefore, much can still be done to match ERP rates to the demands of motorists.

The increase in tax revenue collected through the ERP system can also be used to improve the current transport infrastructure.

It is crucial for the nation to continually improve its infrastructure and roads for the benefit of both pedestrians and motorists.

Drivers who feel the need to drive in these designated areas should put their money where their mouths are and pay the relevant charges.

Ivan Tan Ri Yao