Equip cabs to transport bicycles

It is very encouraging to see that efforts have been made by the Government to push Singapore towards becoming a car-lite city ("Stepping up car-lite strategy a boost for cyclists, pedestrians"; April 12).

One of the ongoing efforts is to encourage the public to use bicycles, by building more cycling paths, declaring car-free zones on weekends and constructing cycling routes to connect housing estates to the city.

To further enhance the cycling experience, I suggest that the Government work with cab service providers to equip a portion of their fleets with the ability to transport bicycles.

This will come in useful if the bicycle breaks down, and the nearest repair shop is too far away.

Cyclists riding for leisure may use these cabs if they wish to explore destinations far away from their homes.

Cyclists who feel too tired to continue their journey or who encounter inclement weather may also call a cab.

One peeve of footpath users is cyclists ringing their bells incessantly.

Perhaps researchers could come up with a light device which can project a prominent eye-catching light on the ground. Footpath users who see this light will be aware of the oncoming bicycle and can make way.

The bell can be rung only if the footpath user does not respond to the light warning.

Jason Woon