Ensure staff know correct details of insurance coverage

I contacted MSIG Insurance's customer service recently, intending to convert my single-trip travel policy to an annual travel policy.

As one of my upcoming trips included skiing and snowboarding activities, I asked about the company's premium plan. Having reviewed the terms of the policy, I was aware that the classic plan did not cover skiing and snowboarding.

To my surprise, the customer service officer informed me that the classic plan covered skiing and snowboarding activities, so long as they were done for leisure purposes and within official resorts.

She maintained this even after checking with her colleagues.

I explained that the various exclusion clauses made it clear that skiing and snowboarding - and a whole host of adventure activities - were excluded under the classic plan. The customer service officer subsequently informed me that she would check again with the underwriters.

The terms of the travel insurance policy are clear.

I am disappointed that a customer service officer of the company seems to have misrepresented the terms to its customer.

If the customer had not been well informed, or had not been able to review the terms of the policy himself, he would have purchased a travel policy that would have been unsuitable for his needs, and would face the consequence of his claim being rejected.

Aw Wen Ni (Ms)