Ensure prompt maintenance of neighbourhood fitness facilities

Town councils are doing a good job in providing fitness facilities, many of which have been installed over the past two years.

More residents are beginning to appreciate them, as they are located within their neighbourhood. However, as these facilities are mostly located in the open area and are exposed to the rain and sun, they need to be constantly maintained.

But maintenance is carried out by the contractors who win the contract to build them, and their response to reports of malfunctions is rather slow.

Whenever I report to my town council that the facilities need servicing, my town council will invariably say that somebody else has already reported it and that the contractor has been informed.

When pressed further as to when servicing is to be done, the town council would say that it depends on the contractor.

With so much resources spent on building fitness facilities, which have generated a buzz among residents, it would be a step back if residents eagerly wanting to use them find they are unusable for too long a period.

As more of such sporting facilities sprout up, could town councils set up a central maintenance and service centre instead of relying on the whims and fancies of individual contractors?

Much faster response to servicing the fitness facilities will lead to better and more frequent use, resulting in a more healthy lifestyle for our residents.

Gan Kok Tiong