Ensure product endorsements can be relied upon

A series of advertisements featuring two popular local TV artists appeared regularly in newspapers last month.

The products promoted were various brands of supplements claiming to improve sleep and bowel movements, as well as to smoothen skin and wrinkles.

What exactly do such "endorsements" mean?

It seems far-fetched to expect that the two artists actually used all these products. On what basis are they endorsing the products?

Is there a code of ethics and conduct to regulate such endorsements?

Any public endorsement of a health-related product should not be taken lightly, since it can impact the health of members of the public.

It is not unreasonable for a prospective consumer to rely on such endorsements and take them as a sign of the product's efficacy and quality.

The public is entitled to know what an endorsement implies, so that people can make properly informed decisions on buying and be reasonably protected from possible misleading or false advertising.

Ang Ah Lay