Ensure Indonesian maids don't end up paying the price for higher salaries

I am glad the Indonesian embassy has set the minimum wage for maids from Indonesia at $550 ("Higher pay for Indonesian maids from next year"; Nov 11).

My concern is that somehow, agents will find a way to get around this and impose a higher service charge.

The Indonesian embassy should ensure that only registered and legitimate agents handle recruitment and visas; otherwise, maids will be charged a higher rate.

The Indonesian government should fix a charge and stipulate that maids should not be charged over and above that amount.

As it is, most maids work without pay for up to nine months; this pay is collected by the agent in Singapore instead. This is totally out of line and should be stopped.

Maid agencies and the middle men are the ones making the most money.

The Indonesian embassy should also look into a minimum wage for construction workers, as there is no minimum wage for these poor workers who work long hours.

Shamim Moledina (Ms)