Ensure diversity in secondary schools

I previously wrote that the change to the Primary School Leaving Examination from T-scores to grade bands will result in many students getting the same grade ("Secondary school admission could be problematic"; April 11).

Because of this, schools will employ other criteria for admission, which may give students from higher-income families an advantage.

Hence, a fairer system should be implemented.

I suggest that popular schools allocate half their places to students who meet non-academic admission criteria, such as affiliation, niche sports, music and distance from school.

The other half can be allocated to students from lower-income families, who manage to score the same grade band despite their disadvantaged environment.

Family income can be based on per capita income.

With this proposal, popular secondary schools would have a mix of students from lower and higher-income families. This would be good for social cohesion and help our future leaders to have better knowledge and understanding of people from all income levels.

Tan Peng Boon