Ensure commuters' safety

Many taxi drivers, like myself, are relieved that the Ministry of Transport will be reviewing private car hire services such as UberX ("Govt to look into car hire services like UberX"; Oct 3).

We look forward to the outcome of the review.

I suggest that the ministry look into two important areas of commuter safety.

One, private car hire apps should be made to register with the Land Transport Authority, just like the case for third-party taxi apps, to ensure that they comply with a set of rules and regulations.

Commuters (using these apps) who face issues with drivers or the operators can seek proper recourse to address their concerns.

Second, private car hire app operators have to ensure clear accountability on the issue of commuter safety and liability in the event of accidents or mishaps ("'Framework needed' for third-party taxi apps"; Oct 5).

Besides ensuring proper and appropriate vehicle insurance coverage for both commuters and drivers, the operators must also provide information on how and from whom commuters can make an insurance claim.

Currently, it appears unclear as to whether liability is with the app operators, vehicle rental companies or the drivers themselves, who are sole proprietors.

Haniff Mahbob