Ensure carparks accept all types of Cepas cards

My CashCard recently expired and I decided to use my ez-link card instead of getting a replacement, since my in-vehicle unit accepts Contactless e-Purse Application (Cepas) cards.

The Electronic Road Pricing system and many major carparks, including HDB carparks, accept the use of ez-link cards by drivers.

However, some private carparks, such as The Cathay, West Coast Recreation Centre and Jelita Shopping Centre, accept only CashCard and/or FlashPay.

This has resulted in me holding back traffic while the carpark operator attends to me. I even had to pay cash to get out of the carpark in one instance.

I would rather not buy another CashCard, since my ez-link card can cover most of my transport and motoring needs. It is also the most convenient as it has an auto top-up feature.

As a motorist and commuter, I do not understand why there is a need for so many types of cards - CashCard, FlashPay, ez-link card. Such fragmentation causes a lot of confusion and is not environmentally friendly as the cards cannot be recycled.

Can the Land Transport Authority or Monetary Authority of Singapore look into the matter and ensure that all types of Cepas cards are accepted in all carparks?

If some cards are not accepted, perhaps signs can be put up at the carpark entrance, so motorists can be notified accordingly.

Also, since there does not seem to be any competitive advantage of having more than one Cepas card issuer, can the authorities look into unifying them to reduce wastage and confusion?

Ong Keow Meng

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