Ensure businesses do not refuse five-cent coins as payment

Twice, I've witnessed businesses rejecting five-cent coins as payment.

I was at a hawker centre in Ghim Moh recently and I saw a woman giving a stallholder two five-cent coins in payment.

The stallholder became angry and shouted at the customer, warning her not to come back or she would return the five-cent coins to her.

Another time, I went to a pastry shop in Toa Payoh and bought some pastries for $10.40 in total. I gave the cashier a $50 note, and she asked if I had 40 cents.

I gave her one 10-cent coin, one 20-cent coin and two five-cent coins.

The cashier told me that the shop did not accept five-cent coins as it did not sell anything that had five cents in its price.

She reluctantly accepted the five-cent coins after I told her that the coins were legal tender in Singapore.

If five-cent coins are going to continue being legal tender in Singapore, then the authorities must ensure that businesses do not refuse these coins from customers.

Haron Lim Lay Choo (Ms)