Enrol maids as associate members of club

Ms Lim Siat Foong makes an interesting point in her letter on whether maids should be allowed in private clubs and I agree with her - the rights of members of private clubs should be respected (Fair that members' rights to facilities guarded; Dec 11).

The purpose of almost every club is to cater to the interests of bona fide members who have paid their subscription fees.

Maids do not pay membership fees to be a club member. Why should they be accorded the right to use club facilities just because the employer happens to be a member?

To be fair to other members of the club, the employer should enrol the maid as an associate member of the club in order for her to be allowed to use all the facilities of the club, including its restaurants.

As an associate member, the maid or the employer should be required to pay the subscription fees so as to be fair to other members.

This is not a question of discrimination against maids; their good work performance and loyalty do not give them entitlement to use the club's facilities for free.

Heng Cho Choon