Encourage more Singaporeans to be organ donors

The report on March 1 noted that there are 450 patients on the waiting list for a new kidney and that the average waiting time is around eight or nine years ("First paired kidney exchange here").

The shocking fact is that renal failure is on the rise ("Kidney failure: 1 new patient every 5 hours"; May 18, 2015).

The shortage of transplantable organs and the growing demand for them has made the legislation of organ sales an appealing option.

Should the authorities here allow organ sales? Or should they reject it because of humanitarian arguments that the sacrificing of one's organs should be on a voluntary basis, with no enticement of monetary gains involved?

The Human Organ Transplant Act here allows for kidneys, livers, hearts and corneas to be recovered in the event of death. However, one can choose to opt out of the scheme.

It is time to encourage more healthy Singaporeans and permanent residents to make the life-saving pledge, and commit themselves to organ donation.

This noble gesture will provide the promise of a second chance at life for patients suffering from organ failure.

This is truly the ultimate act of human compassion.

Ada Chan Siew Foen (Ms)