Employers should learn how to conduct interviews

Fresh graduates applying for a job are expected to have done their research on the company and the job scope of the position on offer, and be prepared to justify why they are suited for the role.

Having spent so much time preparing, they hope for a chance to excel in their interviews.

As job seekers constantly update themselves on job market trends, employers should update themselves on the courses of study available in universities too.

Many interviewers in Singapore are not given proper training on how to conduct interviews.

While graduates learn how to stand out in interviews, employers should be trained on how to conduct interviews too.

A qualified interviewer not only asks the right questions but also knows how to aid interviewees in performing to the best of their ability.

To attract people best suited for the needs of a company, interviewers have to know who they are potentially hiring.

As prospective employees, we will not feel valued if we feel that the company is not interested. As much as we want to be hired, we will leave at the next best opportunity.

Jeryn Lau Zhen Yi (Miss)