Emergency preparedness part of corporate social responsibility

Dealing with emergencies and remaining resilient is everyone's responsibility, and this also applies to businesses ("Firms 'need plans to deal with emergencies'"; Sept 8).

Whether in times of stability or uncertainty, it pays to be always prepared for any eventuality.

A firm which has plans in place to deal with any form of emergency, including terrorist attacks, will remain relatively unscathed during a crisis.

Even if it has suffered damage or losses, it is able to bounce back and resume business within a short period of time.

To this end, the business is able to protect not only itself and its workers, but also the overall well-being of other stakeholders, such as suppliers, its customers and the public.

In short, this is corporate social responsibility and its importance cannot be overemphasised.

It is true that smaller businesses may find it difficult to install costly security devices like closed-circuit television cameras, and this necessitates assistance and support from both government agencies and landlords.

Most importantly, employees will be more committed if they know that their companies are concerned about their safety and welfare.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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