Educate voters on how to separate the wheat from the chaff of campaign rhetoric

A key takeaway for Singapore from the United States presidential election is that campaign rhetoric can play a big part in defying all predictions and swinging the results ("Trump beats the odds in shock win"; Nov 10).

The authorities in Singapore should continue to educate our voters.

They have to ensure that even the ignorant and the apathetic are politically mature enough to be objective, rational, balanced and pragmatic.

Some politicians can be opportunists who will not hesitate to offer socio-economic benefits in exchange for political currency.

They may compromise long-term growth for short-term gains, especially if the electorate is less inclined to take bitter medicine to achieve improvements.

They can leverage sophisticated systems to help them tug at heartstrings for the purpose of winning votes.

Voters should be mindful not to be sold on appealing lies, half-truths and misconceptions.

They should also not be moved by well-packaged promises, propaganda and persuasive pitches.

One vote can potentially change the fate of our nation.

Voters should put in the effort to conduct appropriate research, think critically, and make better-informed judgments.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)

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