Educate Singaporeans on advantage of bus travel

I agree with Dr Patrick Liew Siow Gian ("Educate S'poreans on downsides of owning a car"; May 23). I also suggest that we educate Singaporeans on the advantage of taking the bus.

In the past, I hardly took the bus. But now that I have been doing so more often, I prefer it to driving a car.

It is comfortable and a seat is often available, at least for part of the journey. It is also good exercise when I make the walk to the bus stop.

Mobile apps provide useful information, such as the arrival time for the next bus, as well as which services to take to get to my destination.

Though it can be crowded during peak hours, it is possible to adjust to the discomfort.

Over the longer term, I hope the bus system can be improved by the introduction of more express services for longer distance travel. These can be supported by feeder services that serve the neighbourhoods.

There is also a need for each bus to display the number of the bus stop it is approaching, to help passengers who are not familiar with the surrounding landmarks to identify whether it is their stop.

This would also be useful at night or on rainy days.

Tan Kin Lian