Educate residents on dos and don'ts of recycling

It is encouraging to know that all HDB blocks have their own recycling bins.

However, many people still treat these blue recycling bins as refuse bins for bulky items.

When I take my recyclables to the recycle bin downstairs, I still see unwashed recyclables stained with food and liquid, contaminating paper and other recyclables in the same bin.

Flies buzz around the bin and a stale smell emits from it like a refuse bin.

Sometimes, I have no choice but to leave my bag of clean recyclables outside the bin, exposed to the rain.

I hope there can be continued efforts to educate residents on the dos and don'ts of using the recycling bins. They are not rubbish bins.

Alternatively, install separate bins for paper, plastic and glass with smaller holes.

Have a different bin for bulky refuse on the ground floor as well, so that residents can throw their unwanted bulky items into the large bin, and sort their recyclables into the respective recycling bins.

Let's all do our part to make Singapore a greener place to live in.

Teo Chia Hsia (Ms)