Educate readers on commonly mispronounced words

Mr Terence Teo's suggestion that The Straits Times create a section to promote good English language skills is timely and commendable (Promote good English; Jan 4).

In fact, I suggest that it also promote better spoken English and clear articulation, by listing five or more words in a weekly or fortnightly column that are commonly mispronounced.

As a speech and voice trainer, I have noticed everyday words such as "head", "oil" and "women" being mispronounced by people being interviewed by the local media.

Another common speech fault is the omission of final consonant sounds in words such as "mall" and "world".

A good command of written and spoken English will open more doors than just getting a good honours degree, and the opposite is likely true for those with poorly articulated English.

Tan Teck Huat