Educate businesses on use of Brunei currency

I have encountered the same problem experienced by Mr Alvin Wee when trying to use Bruneian currency here ("Problems using Brunei currency in Singapore" ; Aug 24).

Once, at a hawker centre in Bukit Timah Road, I tried to pay for my bowl of porridge with a $10 Brunei note after my meal. But the couple who ran the stall rejected the note, saying they were not familiar with it.

I also went to two noodle stalls there, and both stalls also rejected my note. I tried to explain to the stallholders that it has the same value as a Singapore note, but they still would not accept it.

Finally, I went to a nearby Shell petrol station and the staff there were happy to accept it.

I hope the authorities will put up signs in hawker centres or educate stall operators and businesses that they can safely accept Brunei currency for payment.

Cheong Tiong Hua