Eat from trays for cleaner tables

It is common to see cleaners removing trays from tables when the occupants have yet to finish their meals.

Thus, when the time comes for occupants to clear their own tables, there are no trays readily available.

The authorities and various stakeholders should review this practice to achieve a more efficient and logical workflow.

I suggest that diners consume food with the crockery on their trays. Unwanted foodstuff, if any, should be placed on the trays, not on the table.

Ideally, for a four-seater table, four trays should entirely cover the table.

The trays should also be bigger and more rigid, and have low edges to allow plates to be laid out across the trays.

Such a re-engineered workflow will substantially improve the cleanliness of the tables and the overall efficiency of the cleaners.

This system is already in place in other developed nations, such as Japan.

Yoong Fung Yan

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