Easy access to Haw Par Villa makes preservation worthwhile

I agree that Haw Par Villa must be preserved because of its unique and rich Chinese heritage ("Breathe new life into Haw Par Villa" by Mr Lai Tuck Chong; Oct 19).

Back in the 1970s, I was about eight years old when my father took our family to Haw Par Villa during Chinese New Year.

Due to the little or no publicity surrounding Haw Par Villa, and the rapid development of other Singapore attractions, I subsequently forgot about Haw Par Villa.

I still regret not recommending the theme park to my American friends when they visited Singapore for the first time seven years ago.

Now, with the convenience of Haw Par Villa MRT station, as well as more buses plying the area, there is more reason to spruce up Haw Par Villa, such as by restoring some culturally significant statues and dioramas that have been removed, and by putting more effort into marketing the historic attraction.

I also strongly recommend opening an eatery serving Chinese food at the park.

While Singapore now has many outstanding places to see, Haw Par Villa still stands out as a place for families and individual visitors.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon (Ms)