Easing tensions in Malaysia a relief

It is with much relief that I see the tension easing across the Causeway ("Malaysian PM emerges with firm grip on party"; Dec 13).

It seems that all that is happening with regard to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad debt and political donation scandals is much ado about nothing.

But it has been very destabilising for the country and its people.

This is why the toning down of invective and lowering of temperatures at Umno's annual party congress was something to be thankful for.

It allows a unification of minds in leading the country and its people forward. This must be maintained for the good of the country and its continued development.

Transparency and being above board must become the order of the day for Malaysia's leadership. All must be explained and sorted out.

This would settle the nerves of Asean and allow it to focus on outside pressures, such as territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

With its diversity and rich culture, Malaysia has so much going for it. This must be appreciated, respected and not bargained with.

Umno has a responsibility to stand firmly together and work to restore confidence in its institutions, while respecting its people, if it is to lead them towards First World status.

Manoraj Rajathurai